Cosmetics|Permeation technology series
Permeation technology series

A cosmetic series that uses penetration technology [osmosis technology]

to penetrate beauty ingredients deep into the skin.

Each DEEP brand cosmetics uses penetration technology

for the ingredients with the most necessary effects.

  • Small face DEEP.Fat Massage Gel

    DEEP.Fat Massage Gel

    A superb massage gel that tightens skin.
    You can use your face
    and even arms and decollete.

  • vitamin DEEP.Crystal C (Essence)

    DEEP.Crystal C (Essence)

    Contains 5% vitamin C derivative
    A serum that allows beauty ingredients
    to reach the stratum corneum.

  • Deep. precious S (Essence)

    Deep. precious S (Essence)

    Contains human adipose-derived mesenchymal cell exosomes with anti-aging effects.
    This product is designed to treat the signs of aging that become more bothersome as we age.

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