Cosmetics|C.C cosmetics
  • CR premium cell
    Condensed beauty

    Popular ingredients lead to healthy skin.
    For beautiful skin that continues to radiate beauty: ......!

    CR premium cell Condensed beauty
  • CR rich cell
    Beauty Time Capsule

    Spend celebrity time
    Carry lotion that reaches every corner
    of the horny layer to cleanse the skin.

    CR rich cell Beauty Time Capsule

- Skin care series -


  • C.C cleansing/C.C. wash

    C.C cleansing/C.C. wash

    Cleansing /Rinse off makeup and sebum
    face-washing / It also moisturizes while washing,
    and cleans both dirt and clogs.

Exfoliation Care

  • C.C. Clear Lotion

    C.C. Clear Lotion

    Wipe away unwanted dead skin cells and pores!
    Make your usual skin care easier!


  • CR premium lotion

    CR premium lotion

    Changing from the Basics skin
    Moisture aging care.

  • CR premium essence

    CR premium essence

    The texture reaches all corners
    of the stratum corneum
    It gives elasticity and luster to the skin.


  • C.C. Micro Crystal Cream

    C.C. Micro Crystal Cream

    Skin's natural elasticity!
    Moisturizes and keeps moisture
    in the skin for a healthy skin.

  • C.C. facial musk

    C.C. facial musk

    beauty investment once a week
    A CC facial mask devised
    to deliver moisture to the skin.

  • C.C. sheet

    C.C. sheet

    But I want to have a beautiful body!
    This sheet is based on such a wish
    and is close to everyone's voice.

- Bath care series -

  • C.C. Body Cleanser

    C.C. Body Cleanser

    Your concerned area will be refreshed!
    For daily care.

  • Bath Salt Purification 7

    Bath Salt Purification 7

    Moisturizer your body
    For purification your body
    once a week.

  • Purification 7 Stone

    Purification 7 Stone

    erahertz ore for bathing

- Moisture -

  • Super hair rise shampoo

    Super hair rise shampoo

    Born from research into regenerative medicine
    For those who are concerned about hair volume.

  • Super hair rise conditioner

    Super hair rise conditioner

    It moisturizes and adds luster to hair,
    and repairs hair damaged by dryness, etc.

  • CR for HAIR

    CR for HAIR

    Design your hair the way you want it.
    Hair with bounce and body that brings you closer
    and closer to the hair of your dreams.

  • DX brush

    DX brush

    Can be used in daily blow-drying and shampooing.
    Dirt on the head that cannot be removed
    with fingers.
    Cleans both scalp and hair,
    and lays the foundation for beautiful hair.

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