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We aim to satisfy beauty customers ,
make it efficient and easy to use in salons ,
and help improve salon performance


  • Finally comes revolution of removal hair

    Also introduced in osteopathic clinics and men’s hair removal salons.
    By NPL systems , the fastest treatment time and less pain lead to a beautiful hair removal skin without any burden to the customer. You can also leave you facial care to this one machine!

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  • You can know you present and future skin
    CⅢ mirror

    It’s a beauty counselor by AI systems.
    The large mirror showing the present and the future of your pores, stains ,and wrinkles.
    Also, it suggest any products and esthetic menu of a salon recommendations by skin diagnosis.

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  • Ultrasonic beauty machine

    Ultrasonic waves penetrate beauty ingredients deep into the skin.
    There is no pain and no downtime.
    In addition to excellent moisturizing power, the beauty essence is specially designed to Double charm of penetrating beauty ingredients to the stratum corneum.

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  • AI scalp diagnosis
    B.PLUS For Hair

    Have you ever seen your scalp condition?
    It can diagnosis your scalp condition by sin categories and suggest any advice and products for a salon

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  • Scalp-only beauty equipment
    CR Hyper Glow

    A scalp-only beauty device that can be used for three treatment repertoires.
    jet injection,delivers a special serum to the scalp that matches your troubles.
    In addition, it is equipped with equipment that approaches the scalp and neck.

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  • Sonic Vibration Equipment

    Sonic vibration can approach deep into the body, A single device can provide care for the entire body.
    Five heads can be used to treat a wide range of problems.
    The treatment can be performed even over clothes without pain.

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