Beauty equipment/machines|B.PLUS For Hair

A new system that uses a microscope to take pictures of your scalp and hair and

B.PLUS For Hair

AI diagnoses your scalp and hair using the photos.

B.PLUS For Hair

4 points of B.PLUS For Hair

  • Take pictures
  • Diagnosis
  • Advice
  • Customer management

Point1 Photographed with a microscope

Microscopic imaging allows for a fairly clear image
of the scalp.


Point 2 scalp diagnosis by AI

Point3 Advice and proposed solutions

❶ Analysis Results

In each of the six categories,the results of the scalp analysis are given in detail.

❷ Advice

Specific suggestions for careand dietary advice are displayed.

❸ Solution

Register the products you sell in your salon and we will display the right products for you.

Point4 customer management

Manage customer information on the system The system manages information by date of diagnosis The information information is managed in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can Comparisons with past data can be easily made.

We take care of everything from diagnosis to advice!

  • B.PLUS For Hair

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