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What’s the Ultrasonic type beauty equipment INFINIT&?

The ultrasonic waves provide the skin
with superb moisture and further penetrate the beauty ingredients deep into the skin.

No pain, no downtime

  • Anti-aging
  • Beauty
  • Tighten
  • Rough skin
  • Skin elasticity

超音波式 美容機器INFINITY

Ultrasonic type beauty equipment3 points of the treatment

  • Point1 Ultrasonic waves vibrate 10 million times per second
Beauty ingredients penetrate to every corner of the stratum corneum.
  • Point2 Firmness care and penetration of beauty ingredients at the same time. Ingredients of special serum for each problem penetrate.
  • Point3 No pain or burden to the customer. Treatment with comfortable warmth. Treatment with comfortable warmth.

Not all types of sound waves can have useful effects.
Based on this fact, four different wavelengths
were created.

kind of Ultrasonic waves

From among 1MHz・3MHz・10MHz・16MHz,
we will propose the best plan
for your objectives.

  • 1MHz
    Skin changes that appear with aging
    Care for deep wrinkles such as (smile lines)and forehead, sagging due to fat and double chin.
  • 3MHz
    Aging care(Mild skin problems)
    Care for minor skin problems caused by aging,such as wrinkles, pores, and sagging skin.
  • 10MHz
    Improves skin texture and tone.
    firmness, clear, tightening, acne, pigmentation prevention,(Improved skin brightness), acne scars, atopy,complexion improvement, red face.
  • 16MHz
    Fresh and moisturized skin
    effect) Provides moisture, elasticity, luster, and Softens the skin


  • Mode1


    Maintains texture,skin balance(replenishesand maintains moisture and oil), and skin softness

  • Mode2


    Firmness, skin tightening,elasticity.

  • Mode3

    Skin rejuvenation

    Improved barrier function,skin irritation prevention,
    protection,and skin conditioning

  • Mode4

    Moisturizer Mode

    Moisture, firmness, luster,
    clear, dryness

  • Mode5

    Sonophoresis Mode

    Introduction, penetration of beauty ingredients into the skin,
    moisturizing and glowing

Effective way

Used during treatment
INFINIT& exclusive gel

  • Moisturize& condition skin Tightening Gel

    Moisturize and condition the skin.
    A base gel to be used with a special beauty essence.

Permeation of beauty ingredients is possible at the same time as moisturizing
INFINIT& exclusive serum

  • Clarity and rough skin
    Clear Charge

    透明感 & 肌荒れ Clear Charge

    Improves skin texture and moisturizes.
    For those who want beautiful skin.

  • Anti-aging care
    Precious Charge

    エイジングケア Precious Charge

    Gives skin elasticity and prevents dryness and other problems that occur as we age.

  • Slimming
    Style Zero

    >肌の引き締め Style Zero

    Contains beauty ingredients that tighten the skin.

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